Yazar : Kolektif
Yayınevi : Redhouse Yayınları
Barkod Numarası : 9786054119295
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Here is Smarty and his wonderful word of pictures and words!

In this book, kids will explore 16 different scenes from daily life and learn besic English words along the way. In each scene Smarty is hidden in a secret place! Following Smarty's footsteps, kids can learn words about the school, the zoo, the toy shop and many others.

Once kids learn these words, they will start searching for the specific sticker of each word. There are 115 stickers showing different English words.

There is also a CD where you can find the flash cards of these 115 words. Kids can listen to the pronunciation of the words and try to guess the correct words by looking at the illustrations.

A rich set of teacher's material, provided in the CD, includes activities such as connecting the dots, drawing, coloring and various different games. These worksheets are printable material, so teachers, can easily use them in lessons. You can find printable flash cards that can be used to practice the words too.

Come and join Smarty on his journey through pictures and words!

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